Georgia Virtual Learning - eSource Content

Georgia Virtual Learning - eSource Content

Georgia Virtual Learning will allow Georgia public schools to apply for access to our eSource content.  With this subscription you can view the content or download the content for use in your own Learning Management System.

In order for teachers to have the ability to customize formative and summative assessments based on all material used in the classroom, eSource does not include test questions or assessments. However, project-based suggestions are provided.

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<br>Now Available

Now Available

AP Art History
AP Biology (Revised)
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Environmental Science (Revised)
AP European History
AP French
AP Government Comparative
AP Government & Politics - US
AP Human Geography
AP Latin
AP Literature and Composition
AP Microeconomics
AP Music Theory
AP Physics I
AP Physics II
AP Physics C - Electricity
AP Physics C - Mechanics
AP Psychology
AP Spanish
AP US History
AP World History

9th Lit/Comp
10th Lit/Comp (Revised)
Advanced Composition
American Lit/Comp (Revised)
British Lit/Comp
Contemporary Literature
World Literature

Mathematics of Finance
GSE Coordinate Algebra (Revised)
GSE Algebra I
GSE Analytic Geometry (Revised)
GSE Geometry (Revised)
GSE Advanced Algebra
GSE Pre-calculus
MS Language Arts 6th Grade
MS Language Arts 7th Grade
MS Language Arts 8th Grade
MS Math 6th Grade
MS Math 7th Grade
MS Math 8th Grade
MS Science 6th Grade (Revised)
MS Science 7th Grade (Revised)
MS Science 8th Grade (Revised)
MS Social Studies 6th Grade
MS Social Studies 7th Grade
MS Social Studies 8th Grade

Anatomy and Physiology
Astronomy (Revised)
Biology I (Revised)
Chemistry (Revised)
Earth Systems
Environmental Science (Revised)
Forensic Science
Physical Science
Physics (Revised)

American Government
Psychology (Revised)
US History
World Geography (Revised)
World History (Revised)
Chinese 1
Chinese 2
Chinese 3
Chinese 4
Japanese 1
Japanese 2
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
German 1
German 2
German 3
French 1
French 2 (Revised)
Latin 1
Latin 2
AP French

Audio, Video Tech and Film
Banking, Insurance & Investing
Beginning Programming
Business and Technology
Computer Science Principles
Digital Design
Financial Literacy
Food for Life
Food, Nutrition & Wellness (NEW)
Game Design: Animation & Simulation (NEW)
Intro to Business & Technology
Intro to Digital Technology
Intro to Healthcare Science
Intro to Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Health (Revised)
Marketing Principles
Plant Science & Biotechnology
Production Enterprises
Programming, Games, Apps & Society (NEW)
Robotics & Automated Systems
Web Design (NEW)

Music Appreciation
Music Theory
Visual Arts Comprehensive I