Georgia Virtual Learning Ecosystem

Georgia Virtual Learning is more than a course or offerings of courses. It is your headquarters for online education from the Georgia Department of Education. 
•    Free Shared Resources – 100+ courses aligned to Georgia Department of Education Standards.  Courses are open educational resources (OER) and can be used, shared, and modified.
•    Georgia Virtual School - Online learning opportunity for 6-12 students.
•    Georgia Credit Recovery - Teacher-less online location for students with an unsuccessful attempt at a course.
•    Georgia Virtual Professional Learning - Learning platform which provides professional development courses for educators and administrators.
•    Georgia PartnerUp – Partnership between local Georgia Schools and Georgia Virtual.  Local schools provide the teachers and Georgia Virtual provides the LMS, resources, tech support and professional development.
•    Georgia Tutor – Free tutoring opportunities for public school students grades 9-12 needing help in core content areas.