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World History

We are excited to begin offering our shared resources in an updated format.  We will be providing a Canvas Public Course on the website. Questions can be sent to esource@gavirtualschool.org.

Here is a sample of the Public Course Format. (Chrome is the preferred browser) 

New! Canvas Public Course:  World History

We are no longer maintaining the old version, but it will remain available on this site until 8/01/2023.

Module Title
Technological and Environmental Transformations View
Organization of Human Societies: 600 BCE to the End of the Millennium View
Reorganization of Human Societies: The New Millennium to 700 CE View
Regional and Transregional Interactions: 600-1450 CE View
Global Interactions: History Goes Global View
Global Integration: A Revolutionary Time View
The World at War View
Global Realignments and Changes View

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