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Forensic Science

We are excited to begin offering our shared resources in an updated format.  We will be providing a Canvas Public Course on the website. Questions can be sent to esource@gavirtualschool.org.

Here is a sample of the Public Course Format. (Chrome is the preferred browser) 

New! Canvas Public Course:  Forensic Science

We are no longer maintaining the old version, but it will remain available on this site until 7/01/2024.

Module Title
Introduction to Forensics and Criminal Justice View
Crime Scene Investigations View
Microscopes View
Human Remains Identification View
Autopsy and the Role of the Medical Examiner View
Forensic Anthropology View
Forensic Entomology View
Analysis of Organic Materials View
Analysis of Hair, Fiber and Botanical Materials View
Forensic Toxicology View
Forensic Serology View
DNA Analysis View
Fingerprints View
Forensic Properties of Glass and Soil Evidence View
Firearms, Ballistics, Tool Marks and Arson View
Handwriting Analysis and Computer Forensics View